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Integrated Quantum Optoelectronics Laboratory
IQOL aims to develop a unique test bed for characterization of superconducting and photonic quantum devices and circuits. IQOL is now being equipped with a custom designed optical/microwave cryogenic probe system made by Janis Research Company, a recognized leader in the design, development, and production of cryogenic equipment since 1961. He-4-SLP side-loading cryogenic probe system with helium pot is able to characterize electronic and optoelectronic devices from room temperature to 2 K. The coplanar waveguide probes will pick-up high-frequency electrical signals up to 40 GHz. Three optical windows plus the fiber optical access to the sample holder are designed for optical characterization of the devices. This equipment will be used to test various commercial and home-designed single-photon detectors at different temperatures for acquiring ultra-sensitive, ultrafast, high-quantum-efficiency and ultra-low dark count single-photon detectors suitable for photonic quantum cryptography, biomedical applications, on-chip VLSI testing and quantum metrology. IQOL will be soon equipped by an ultrafast 6GHz digital oscilloscope by Agilent and a Magellan femto-second Yb-doped fiber laser oscillator by Clark-MXR.