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475 Wes Graham Way
Waterloo, ON
200 University Ave. W.
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1

P: +1 (519) 888-4021
F: +1 (519) 888-7610

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NMR Laboratories

Liquid State Laboratory - C2 170

  • 700 MHz Bruker Avance 6-channel NMR system with dual inverse cryoprobe, several other commercial probes. We just completed a 12-spin benchmark on this spectrometer.
  • 600 MHz Bruker Avance NMR system. Used for liquid-state QIP work (Laflamme) and liquid/solid chemistry studies (Power). HCN, HF, 2.5mm MAS commercial probes.
  • The laboratory also houses all of the test equipment and tools necessary to design, construct, troubleshoot and repair RF instruments. We have use of Prof. Bill Power's chemistry laboratory for sample preparation. The UW Physics Department maintains a well run machine shop for the students and researchers. We have access to X-ray crystallography and ESR facilities in the UW Chemistry Department for solids sample characterization.

Solid State Laboratory - RAC 1124

  • 300 MHz (wide-bore) Bruker Avance 6-channel NMR spectrometer with home-built probes for solid state NMR QIP. Primarily used for single crystal QIP studies
  • 200 MHz (wide-bore) Bruker Avance 6-channel NMR spectrometer with home-built probes for solid state NMR QIP. Magnet charged to 100 MHz for low-temperature dynamic nuclear polarization experiments. 0 -> 30 MHz variable field magnet for future studies of coherent hyperfine dynamics/optical magnetic resonance. Two Oxford continuous flow helium cryostat for low- temperature experiments


  • Jonathan Baugh
  • Raymond Laflamme

    Facility Manager

  • Michael Ditty

    Post Doctoral Fellows

  • Colm Ryan
  • Jingfu Zhang

    Graduate Students

  • Jeremy Chamilliard
  • Ben Criger
  • Chandrashekar Madaiah
  • Osama Moussa
  • Gina Passante

    Research Assistants

  • Nikesh Dattani